Ministries of Light of Christ


Small Groups

We believe that life happens in smaller communities, which we call “Small Groups.” Small Groups are a great way to make new friends, explore your faith, and have fun! If you have been searching for community, small groups are a first place to start. Our small group gathers around prayer each Wednesday at the home of Doug and Karyn Brock. 

Washington School Ministry

Light of Christ partners with Washington school where volunteers maintain the flower pots at the school entrance, donate school supplies, pray for staff and students and other ministry as appropriate. 


Light of Christ works together with LOVE INC of South Wood County to bring love, hope, and assistance to those in need in our community. 

World Wide Heart to Heart Ministries

Our mission partner in Central America is World Wide Heart to Heart Ministries. 

Light of Christ Radio

In the era of media Light of Christ uses radio and podcasting to reach thousands of listeners per week.