Former NFL Player James Smith shares his testimony at Light of Christ
Message 2 James is speaking to the students in the Chapel Services at Greenville University on March 28, 2018.
     JAMES SMITH became a Christian later in life when he found himself in absolute desperation and cried out to God. Through transformation by the good news of Jesus, James has become a new creation and now works to share Jesus with others. As a young man in high school, college and playing pro-football he was by the world’s standards a success. In high school he was a two-time state champion in the 220-yard dash. James was also an amazing football athlete and his senior year he gained 1,617 yards and scored 178 points. He earned all-state honors and was selected to the 1978 National Prep All American Football Team which was sponsored by the National High School Athletic Coaches Association. After High school James went on to Purdue University and Elon College as a student athlete playing football. In the National Football League draft of 1984 he was a fourth round draft selection for the Washington Redskins.
     James admits to an imperfect life and continues to be a work in progress by the Lord. He is currently in recovery and is an ordained minister. James is married to Darice, who he says is the greatest woman in the world. In addition, he has four grown children two sons, and two daughters. He currently lives in Minneapolis and is a chef at Marie Sandvik Center a Christian ministry where he feeds people physically and spiritually. There at Marie Sandvik he is thankful to have found a wonderful place to work, and to have the opportunity to carry out his faith.
     Not only does James work as a chef at Marie Sandvik Center, but he also available to speak sharing his testimony from a church service to those in prison. You can contact James Smith at 763-300-3149.
God’s plan for me was more than the NFL
James’s wife Darice is also an author