Recorded Messages from LOC
Are non-edited messages recorded at LOC not placed on media platforms.

November 2022

Pastor Carol Gabrielsen teaching on Holy Spirit

Carol¬†Gabrielsen teaching on Holy Spirit”.

October 2022

John Ramirez.intro.Halloween Warning

“John Ramirez.intro.Halloween Warning”.

January 2022

Praying in The Courts of Heaven

November 2021

Holy Spirit Committed

“Holy Spirit Committed”.

December 2018

The God of Intervention

“The God of Intervention”.

Manasseh the Old Testament Prodigal Son

“Manasseh the Old Testament Prodigal Son”.

Continually Seek the Lord

“Continually Seek the Lord”.

November 2018

By Faith and the Spirit

“By Faith and the Spirit”.

Faith Changes Me on the Inside

“Faith Changes Me on the Inside”.

Fruit of Perseverance

“Fruit of Perseverance”.