Sermons for Members
Are the latest messages that are not edited or put on podcast. They are for members who want to hear Sunday’s message again or for the first time.

November 2019

That’s Not Fair

“That’s Not Fair”.

October 2019

The Lord is my Shepherd

“The Lord is my Shepherd”.

The Lord Gives me Victory

“The Lord Gives me Victory”.

Today sets the stage for Tomorrow

“Today sets the stage for Tomorrow”.

April 2019

The Great Commission

“The Great Commission”.

The Blessing of the Resurrection

“The Blessing of the Resurrection”.

The Boldness of God

“The Boldness of God”.

Trials Reveal Your Heart

“Trials Reveal Your Heart”.

March 2019

God Can work in the Midst of Evil

“God Can work in the Midst of Evil”.

Seeking and Following God’s will

“Seeking and Following God’s will”.