Sermons for Members
Are the latest messages that are not edited or put on podcast. They are for members who want to hear Sunday’s message again or for the first time.

January 2020

Gods Wise Timing

“Gods Wise Timing”.

Trusting God in Difficult Times

“Trusting God in Difficult Times”.

December 2019

Humble Hearts are Drawn to Jesus

“Humble Hearts are Drawn to Jesus”.

The Gift of Jesus

“The Gift of Jesus”.

Gods Plan Stretches and Molds Me

“Gods Plan Stretches and Molds Me”.

Unexpected Blessings from God

“Unexpected Blessings from God”.

November 2019

The Lord is my Refuge

“The Lord is my Refuge”.

Keep Your Eyes on the Lord

“Keep Your Eyes on the Lord”.

That’s Not Fair

“That’s Not Fair”.

October 2019

The Lord is my Shepherd

“The Lord is my Shepherd”.