Our Way


Every organization has a particular culture or way things are done within their structure. The structure of Light of Christ Church was designed to help our people to grow in, and live out their beliefs and values in their world. We have found that Biblical Storytelling is an effective tool to communicate God’s truth in a simple, straight forward manner. It is the basis for our worship service and our small groups.


Worship Service

You won’t find the hottest worship band and special effects at Sunday morning worship. Nor will you find lots of symbolic ritual. You won’t even find a fancy church building. We meet in an elementary school, so come as you are. Sunday morning service is a simple time of connecting with God and each other. It is a place to come and encourage one another on this journey of life. There is a time to sing praises, a narration of a text from the Bible and time to contemplate it. You don’t need to wear special clothes, but just come with a heart open to explore what God has for you.


Small groups

Sunday morning worship is important and a place to learn., however, small groups allow deeper relational way of learning. Our small groups are groups of 6-15 people that meet in homes or businesses during the week. A leader will tell the Bible text as a story and facilitate discussion. You will not be preached at, but will have a time to consider who God is in this story and how it can apply to your life. Many have found this time life-changing. Experiencing the story builds community and relationships with others in the group. This is a place to build authentic relationships which are hard to find in our media rich society.

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