Prayer and Sunday school at 9:00am / Worship at 10:00am

November 2019

The Lord is my Refuge

“The Lord is my Refuge”.

Keep Your Eyes on the Lord

“Keep Your Eyes on the Lord”.

October 2019

The Lord Gives me Victory

“The Lord Gives me Victory”.

April 2019

The Blessing of the Resurrection

“The Blessing of the Resurrection”.

The Boldness of God

“The Boldness of God”.

Trials Reveal Your Heart

“Trials Reveal Your Heart”.

March 2019

Seeking and Following God’s will

“Seeking and Following God’s will”.

Gods Plan of Forgiveness

“Gods Plan of Forgiveness”.

Blessings of Faith

“Blessings of Faith”.

The gift of Eternal Life

“The gift of Eternal Life”.